• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

“I want what she’s having” – Choosing the right webinar features for YOUR virtual events

Customise features to your needs

We’ve all been there. We attend a virtual event and say to ourselves “that’s it, that’s exactly how I want to run my event.”

While imitation is the best form of flattery, what works for one audience might not necessarily work for yours. There are so many features available to you within the online platform; we recommend you get to know them and how they can work for you and your audience.

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular and how they work best.


The Webinar Platform

  • The Webinar Platform Layout Manager: Change your room layout based on where you would like your cameras, presentation, chat box and surveys to appear PowerPoint
  • Presentations: Will you use PowerPoint and if so, will you use animations and embed links?
  • Video Player: Playing short, snappy videos can be engaging – however, keep it relevant and ensure you have a facilitator to control them
  • Webcams/Talking Heads: It’s 50/50 – some love ‘em and some can’t stand ‘em! Think about your presenter and how comfortable they are presenting via webcam or consider using them for only a portion of your event
  • Q&A Chat: Will you have the chat box open for all or will it be privatised? Will you hold Q&A at regular intervals or will you wait until the end – the choice is yours!
  • In-Room Surveys: You can collect instantaneous feedback from within the platform. We recommend launching this feature during your final Q&A session to keep your audience engaged
  • Polling: Polls are a great way to get to know your audience. However, only launch them if you are willing to reflect on the responses provided. Always insert a slide within your presentation as a prompt

Click here to download a complete list of the features available to you!

The Webcast Platform

  • Video, Slides, Both? High Definition video is a must within a webcast – but how large do you want your video player and do you want slides to appear alongside it? Consider your type of event and if video is key, then maybe use overlapping slides as a feature
  • PowerPoint Presentations: Not all webcasts contain slides. But if you want them, deciding on the size and how they will appear is a must. If you choose to use them, your presenter will most likely have a clicker in their hand allowing them to change slides throughout the event
  • Audience Communication: The webcast platform gives your audience two ways to communicate – there’s a technical support tab and an ask a question tab. We recommend activating both so your presenter can keep track of questions which are relevant to your presentation Surveys:
  • Surveys will need to be created with use of an external provider and then uploaded into the webcast platform. You can then have it appear as a tab which will open in a pop up box or as a separate tab which can appear alongside your PowerPoint

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