• Vesna Ilic

    19th August 2016

Creating Gold Medal Winning Webinar Presentations – How These 3 Olympians Have Inspired Us to Do More

Without an olympic effort

The past two weeks have been filled with joy, passion, drama and excitement. The Olympics have no doubt been consuming us all. Between juggling work and trying to keep track of the Brazilian timezone (seriously, what time is it there?) we got the chance to interview Lee Featherby from PowerfulPoints in our most recent Business Skills Webcast.

Over 200 attendees were inspired by his tips when it comes to creating stand out webinar presentations and it got me thinking – there are a few lessons these Olympic heroes can teach us about online presentations!

1. Usain Bolt – Did you know he has won 7 Olympic gold medals in less than 88 seconds?
The Lesson? Create snappy content

If Usain Bolt can achieve this much in less than a minute and a half, think of the impact you can make in an entire webinar!

Your presentation needs to be easily digestible for your entire audience and your goal is to create as much impact as possible in the smallest amount of time.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there too much text on the slide?
  • What will my audience take away from every segment?

2. Abbey D’Agostino – How awesome was it when she helped her rival cross the finish line after mid-race collision?
The Lesson?  Capability vs. Credibility

Just like Abbey, it is important to remember that your presentation is not only about you; it’s about what you can offer those around you. Always focus on the why – why should your audience listen to you and what can you offer them? You should always:

  • Keep your bio short
  • Tell a story about something that you think your audience might be struggling with
  • Show your credibility – share a story about another client and how you’ve helped them
  • In the registration process ask people why they are joining and then refer back to it

3. Simone Biles – “I am not the next Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. I’m the first Simone Biles’
The Lesson? Create key messages

If there is one thing Simone has taught us, it’s that in order to be remembered you need to make a giant impact. We create slides to deliver evidence and information, but what are they key messages? Consider the following:

  • Read vs. Said: Create a slide that includes something that you want people to remember – think visual and ask yourself “what will people chat about over a cup of coffee?”
  • People don’t need bullet points to remember everything – try including images or quotes to convey your point
  • Include branding but think beyond your logo – colours, themes and styles

To view the entire webcast recording and uncover all the tips, please click here.
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