• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

Gluttony – are you at risk of saturating your webinar community?

All things in moderation

Gluttony – overindulging, wasting – or in webinar terms, marketing your event too early and spamming your audience with an overload of irrelevant emails.

When marketing virtual events, many assume ‘the more invitations – the more registrations.’ The increased popularity of webinars and webcasts has meant that the email inbox is at risk of becoming flooded with webinar and webcast invitations promising ‘an hour that will be sure to change your life.’

It’s important to create a sense of urgency with your events and keep email invitations to a minimum. This, along with some other clever tips will be sure to increase your registrations and possibly even attendance rates.

So, are you guilty of gluttony?

Tip 1 – Structure your marketing plan, and structure it well!

3 weeks before – Passive

  • Publish on your website
  • Create an Upcoming Events page
  • Add to your organisation’s email signatures
  • Add to your organisation’s newsletter
  • Publish on your social media pages

7 – 10 days before – Direct

  • Send a dedicated email invitation
  • Consider targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Publish through strategic partners
  • Run a Google AdWords Campaign

2 days before

  • Send a ‘last chance to register’ email to those who did not open previous emails
  • Finalise reminder email and be sure to reinforce the benefits of joining

Tip 2 – When creating a webinar program, always test the waters and think of ways to improve the experience for all…

Host Your First Webinar
Select a relevant and exciting topic to gain maximum registrations and an engaging and experienced presenter.

Gain Feedback
Use In-Room Surveys to capture feedback on:

  • Did the time and day suit?
  • How easy was the registration process?
  • How did they find the format?
  • What would they change?

Create a Plan
Use your feedback! Create a plan, schedule webinars in advance and finalise a format that will work for your audience.

Are you guilty of committing any other webinar sins? Download our latest white paper The 7 Deadly Sins of Virtual Events for more!

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