• Vesna Ilic

    30th June 2016

Getting to know your audience with webinar feedback tools

How to make the most of the newest technology

Any clever marketer will tell you that the most successful marketing strategies rely on truly understanding who your audience is – their demographics, interests, concerns and where you fit into the bigger picture.

While most of us collect this information during our webinar registration process, it is best practice to keep fields to a minimum. So, why not collect key information before your webinar and the rest during and after?

Here’s four ways you can use feedback tools during your webinars to uncover everything you need to know about your audience!


Polls are a great way to make your webinar more interactive while gathering crucial information about your attendees. You can use polls to find out about your audiences’ demographics, business size/type, interests and so on. However, because polls are multiple choice, the information you can gather is often quite general as responses are limited to a few standard answers.

To find out more about using polls within your webinars click here

In-room Surveys

If you’re looking to increase your response rates and capture instantaneous feedback, then you need to be using In-room Surveys. These surveys can be created ahead of time and appear within the platform. We recommend launching an in-room survey around five minutes before the conclusion of your event. You can use the survey to gather feedback about the event as well as asking your audience if they would like more information about specific topics and whether they would like to subscribe to your mailing list.

Click here to find out more

Post-event Surveys

Did you know that when you close down your webinar room you can direct attendees to wherever you like? This is the perfect opportunity to find out more information and ask for feedback – it’s fresh in their mind! Another benefit? Post-event surveys can be a little longer than in-room surveys, as they allow you to ask more specific and detailed questions. You can use them to find out about specific interests/concerns, where they might be in the buying cycle and what type of product or information they may require.

The Chat Box and Q&A

This feature is great for asking your attendees to elaborate on a certain topic – if a poll asks what, then the chat box answers why and how.

The way we speak and interact also tells a lot about who we are. Pay attention to the tone and quality of conversation in your chat, and what your participants are saying. You can use the Q&A at the end to find out company specific and individual concerns, and how you may be able to assist them.

This will then allow you to bridge the gap between your organisation and attendees, and create tailored content and marketing strategies based on what your audience has told you.

The best thing about the chat box? The entire transcript can be exported with 24 hours of your event completing.

There you have it – four exciting ways to collect information from your audience during a webinar!

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