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  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

“Don’t think Danoz Direct”… and more tips for Lead Generation Webinars

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When done correctly Lead Generation Webinars can be extremely powerful – think about this, you have the ability to expose your product or service to potentially thousands, and the best part? Location, time constraints, travel… it all becomes a thing of the past!

However, there are a few little tricks to hosting the perfect Lead Gen Webinar – you only get one chance to make an impression and if you start showcasing your product like you’re selling steak knives you can expect a not so good outcome.

Here are our top tips for hosting awesome Lead Gen Webinars that work.

1. Market like a master

Consider creating urgency when creating your Marketing Strategy. Passively market your event on your website, through social media and even Google Adwords – then, send your direct email invitations around 1-2 weeks before.


2. Data, Data, Data – use it creatively! 

To make these webinars work, you need data! Think about what you want to capture from those who attend and then use it in more ways than one. Here are some ideas:

  • Ask people questions during the registration process that will allow you to tailor content – it will increase engagement
  • Use a scoring system – for example, will you follow up with all leads or just those who attend on the day? Look for insights within your data and consider treating those who download content and attend on a regular basis differently
  • Pay attention to the behaviour of those who attend your webinar and communicate this to your sales team. If Sally is asking plenty of questions and participating in every poll, does this mean she is further along in the buying process?
  • Exit Surveys – what better way to capture feedback? Redirect your attendees to an exit survey or better yet, use in-room surveys. This is the perfect way to pre-qualify leads.


3. Train them up and remember to educate!

Presenting online isn’t the easiest thing, even for those who are experienced speakers. Provide your online presenters with as much knowledge on the webinar platform as possible as ensure they educate. No one wants to feel like they are watching a Danoz Direct commercial – never sell directly through a webinar. Promoting your product or service or announcing a special offer at the end of the webinar is recommended, but keep it short and sweet. (Click here to visit our Presenter Centre for more tips)


4. Follow Up – promptly!

People are busy and chances are many will forget about your event within days. Make contact with leads within 48 hours while your webinar is still fresh in their mind and make sure your sales team are asking the right questions. Here are some ideas of questions you can use:

  • I saw you attended our webinar yesterday, how did you find the experience?
  • I saw you didn’t get a chance to attend the webinar yesterday, would you like me to send you a copy of the recording so you can watch it in your own time?


5. It’s over, now what?

Oh, it ain’t over! More and more of us are turning to on-demand content because to be honest, we can fit it into our schedules. Our research shows that free webinars usually attract a 50 – 60% live attendance rate – so what about the others? Hosting your webinars online after the live event allows you to capture ongoing leads, build content libraries, and generate even more exposure!

Are you currently hosting Lead Generation Webinars? If so, we would love to hear about your successes!

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Until next time,
Sara and Aiza

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