• Sara Gonzales

    3rd May 2017

Digital Events and Education – How can you make it work?

Presenters and content are KING

Web-based training solutions provide an online environment that combines interactive virtual elements with collaborative and engaging learning. Workplaces can now be accessed from anywhere in the world, all with nothing more than a simple click.

While the benefits of Digital Events are clear, many are reluctant to implement educational webinar programs because they simply don’t know where to start. Along with a wealth of industry jargon, there’s the technology, creation of digital content and organisational buy-in to think about.

So where do you begin? This year, Redback Conferencing surveyed over 1,000 webinar attendees to create The Redback Report. The report provides insight into the Digital Event landscape and how those from various industries prefer to attend and digest online content.

The results are in – and online audiences want engaging presenters, aligned content and consistency. Here’s an overview of some of the results and what they mean for you.

Your Presenters

Think back to the last webinar you attended, what made it engaging? Was it the PowerPoint or the Presenter that kept you online? While platform tools are a large part of audience engagement, having a good presenter is the key to ensuring your event is a success.

This year, the overwhelming majority of respondents (88%) stated that being passionate and engaging is the most important skill for presenters to have. Providing free information and links came in second with 8% of the votes while being technically savvy, and knowing how to interact with the camera came in third with 2% of the votes each.

Here are some tips for choosing your presenter:

-Presenter Training is about more than just platform tools. It’s about engagement, passion and enthusiasm. While knowledge is important, your presenter must be able to break through technology and resonate with your online audience.
-Consider using a facilitator/moderator to work alongside your presenter. They look after introductions, technical questions and Q&A Sessions allowing your presenter to focus on their content


Your Content

This year, 35% of respondents admitted to leaving an online event early. The biggest reason? The content is never usually consistent with what they signed up for.

As with anything, it’s important to align your content with promotional material and key learning outcomes. Here are some other tips for keeping your audience online and engaged.

Consistency: When you create promotional material for your webinars, always send it to your presenter to cross-check. With 41% of respondents stating misaligned content as a key reason for dropping off, it’s important to make sure that all messaging is consistent. From presenter to organiser to Marketing/Comms teams and back again – always ensure your learning outcomes are clearly defined and more importantly, delivered!

Content: Digital Events offer an amazing communication platform – but have you ever thought about using them as a way to communicate other pieces of content? Upload White Papers to the Resource Library, utilise your Exit Pages to redirect attendees to upcoming events and start cross-promoting all you have to offer. It’s the perfect addition to a seamless Content Marketing Strategy.

Format: Adding a human element to your webinars can help to alleviate the ‘technology barrier.’ Instead of having your presenter talk to slides, why not host a panel discussion or interview? A simple discussion and the introduction of a second voice can help to further engage your online audience. Consider having someone from your organisation conduct the interview for brand exposure and consistency.

As employees, employers, leaders and learners, we must all think holistically about collaborative strategies that will increase the breadth of organisational learning. Digital Events can be a simple, cost effective and interactive tool to help us achieve our personal and organisational goals; all you need to do it take the first step.

Click here to download The Redback Report and uncover the full results.

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Sara Gonzalez is the Marketing Director and Digital Event Consultant at Redback Conferencing. She is on a mission to inform, educate and inspire Australian organisations on how to successfully create, promote and deliver Digital Event programs. For more information, contact her at sara.gonzalez@rdbk.com.au or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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