• Vesna Ilic

    10th March 2017

Creating an Effective Call to Action During Digital Events

Get your audience to take action

Most marketers are now quite savvy when it comes to the effectiveness of digital events. They understand how digital events help to nurture leads, promote business strategy and play a crucial role when it comes to enhancing the marketing mix. However, we sometimes fall short when it comes to creating that one crucial component – an effective Call to Action (CTA).

And while many of us might be scared that we’ll sound too salesy or bombard our audience with too much information – I’m here to tell you that you need to forget those fears and remember that your digital event becomes so much more powerful with an effective CTA. Check out our tips below to find out how and why you need to create a good CTA!

Map out your goals

Before running your event you need to ask yourself two questions:

Why are you running this event?
What do you want to achieve?

Whether it is getting people to change their behaviour, buy your product or any number of other things, you need to be sure that you have a clear purpose. Without it, running your event would be pointless. You then need to create a CTA which will help you to achieve that goal and ensure your online audience understands it. This doesn’t mean that you have to keep referring to it throughout your presentation, a simple slide during Q&A sessions always works a treat!

Deliver the value

We’re pretty simple creatures – you give me something, and I’ll be inclined to give you something in return. There is no use in simply telling your audience to visit your website or download your e-book if they can’t see any value in completing that action. Offer your registrants a discount, free consultation or a referral bonus with a time constraint to help increase urgency and create a greater perception of value.

This will make your CTA so much more powerful and get people moving!

Align with your presenter

Does your presenter know what your goals are? Do you know what your presenter’s goals are? Before running your digital event you need to ensure that you and your presenter have a mutual understanding of what each of you want to achieve and then work on creating a presentation that will help you reach your target.

Otherwise, you could end up with ‘too many’ CTAs which will just confuse your audience and provide no benefit to anyone involved.

Create a powerful conclusion

In our Business Skills Webcast last month, Trish Springsteen explained that while most presenters are great at concluding their presentation, they often miss out on promoting their CTA. Make sure you clearly state what it is you want your audience to do and provide them with links or action items to take away.

Don’t be shy about asking your audience to act – after all, the reason you are running this event is to reach a certain goal, so go out there and get it!

To find out more about how to present effectively, check out our latest Business Skills Webcast on the Art of Public Speaking and Presenting Online. Click here to watch.

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