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  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

Content Marketing via Webinar – how to do it, and do it right!

Learn how to get results

“Content marketing, also known as ‘smarter marketing’, is the “marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” (CMI, 2014)

Webinars have always been known as an effective way to educate online – training, professional development, up skilling; if you want to educate, then webinars are your friend.

But what about the many other applications? What about the fact that marketers all over the world are turning to webinars to educate and inspire and in turn, enhance their content marketing plans?

That’s right, over 46% of modern marketers are now using webinars as part of their overall content marketing strategy. So why are they becoming so popular?

  • They allow you to re purpose and continually market your content
  • If your content is evergreen you can host your pre-recorded webinars online and generate leads for months to come
  • You can market a variety of content – research papers, industry surveys, presentations… the options are endless
  • Think of the instantaneous feedback you can gather from virtual attendees
  • There’s no other online interactive way to engage your audience, plus – think of the data you can collect…

Have you got an endless supply of white papers, guides or reports that you are just itching to get out there? Here are our top tips for Online Content Marketing!

Choose wisely

It’s one of the biggest questions, what content can I communicate via webinar? The short answer is anything, but the right answer is ‘whatever will keep people online and engaged.’

Definitely consider any reports or research that can be displayed via infographics and then elaborated on verbally. If you do have some great content that contains a lot of text consider breaking it down into sections and then creating simple slides that contain a quote, key finding or image. And remember, you can always send your attendees the complete document once your webinar is over!

You guessed it – keep it interactive!

I know we keep harping on about this but it is so important to know all the online tools available to you and how to use them. Content Marketing Webinars work best when there is plenty of feedback coming from virtual attendees.

Encourage your online audience to ask questions and participate in polls. Also consider using the video player to illustrate your point and mix up the learning experience.

And – if your goal is lead generation then why not introduce an in-room survey to collect data? This will give your audience the opportunity to opt-in while also giving you instantaneous feedback on your event.

Keep it educational

No-one wants to be sold to and if you’ve managed to get people online then always keep education front of mind.

Keep your call to actions clear and leave it to the end to plug your product – this will make a huge difference to the feedback you receive and whether or not people will attend any of your future webinars.

Want more?

We’re all about sharing the love so feel free to check out the links below that will be sure to help with your content marketing strategy:

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Topic: How to transform your webinars into the content marketing gift that keeps on giving
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Link: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2012/09/how-to-transform-your-webinars-into-a-content-marketing-gift-that-keeps-on-giving/
About: Webinars make content marketing come to life in a way that other forms of content marketing don’t. Today, both small and large brands are relying on webinars as a key part of their content marketing

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