• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    5th January 2016

New Web Conferencing Features – Add PPT Notes, Choose Your Own Layout and Caption Webcams!

Make the most of Redback's new features

Every now and then a new feature comes along that makes us at Redback HQ gasp “WOW”!

Honestly, we’re like those little kids under the Christmas tree that play with their new and shiny toys for hours! Well, us in the tech team are anyway!

It should then come as no surprise that we are incredibly excited about these new web conferencingfeatures… take a look and join us in the excitement!

Speaker Notes in PowerPoint Presentations

When preparing a PowerPoint presentation most of us no doubt use the notes section to type out our notes.

Now, when you upload a PPT presentation to your web conference these notes will automatically appear beneath your slides. No more rustling with printed out bits of paper when hosting or facilitating webinars!

Live Captioning in Webcams

If you regularly use webcams then you’re going to be impressed with this one…

Moderators are now able to add two-line captions on top of each live webcam.

Think of the beauty of this for panel presentations; you can now display any text that you like on top of your presenters image – a perfect opportunity to announce your presenters name and position title. 

Choose Your Own Layout

THIS IS SO COOL! Every webinar is different and every presenter is going to present differently.

Now, you have the ability to change your layout settings for each conference that you hold. Choose where to position the chat box, your media modules and much more!

An updated user guide is available for those of you wanting to jump in and start using the new features.


Until next time,
Peter – CTO

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