• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    5th January 2016

Exciting New Web Conferencing Features – Audio Chat, Slide Show Updates and Advanced Search Features!

Make the most of Redback's new features

Here at Redback we’re thrilled to be able to announce a range of new and exciting features that are going to enhance your web conferences and webinars.

The recent updates which have been made to your web conferencing platform are fairly unique in the marketplace and it seems that everyone is talking about them

So what are they…?

Audio Chat… for when you really need to speak up!

Audio Chat enables your participants to submit questions and comments via voice by recording a voice message on the fly.

Audio Chat is available in the Chat area as well as in the Q&A section. When the Chat is privatised, moderators may “screen” the voice messages and selectively replay them for other attendees.

Search Function in Notes Module… for when you need to find things fast!

We all know that the Notes Module is a fantastic way to share meeting notes in real-time with your participants.

The great news is that has now been equipped with a search function allowing all participants to search for keywords within the notes. The Notes Module also enables you to save the text into the Documents folder in PDF, Word, HTML or Text format.

Larger Slide Thumbnails… for when you need see the big picture!

The Thumbnails option in the Slide Show module is useful as it lets presenters and moderators jump into another slide quickly or view all upcoming slides.

The new enhancement enables the presenter to widen the thumbnail area and see larger previews. Hovering on the thumbnails also shows a larger slide preview.

Take a look at other exciting features by clicking here!

For those of you web conferencing on a regular basis, you will need to clear your cache for the updates to take place. Click here for instructions…

For more information on the new features please feel free to contact us or download thecomprehensive user guide!

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