• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    5th January 2016

Clearing up the Confusion – Using the Right Conferencing Tools for the Right Application!

Are you using the right tools

There seems to be so much talk around the many conferencing applications out there; there also seems to be a lot of confusion and we’re not surprised!

Our job is to clear it up for you. Knowing how to use the tools is one thing but how do you know if you’re using the right technology for the right application? Let’s take a closer look…

We’re clearing it up for you

Application: Sales/Business Meetings, Work In Progress (WIP) Calls, Shareholder Announcements

Teleconferencing is the perfect tool to use for when you need to meet at a distance. It’s a great way to meet ad hoc and requires no additional training or software – all you need is a phone, a number and a pass code!  Some great features of teleconferencing software include…

–          International Toll Free Numbers: allowing anyone to join from any country
–          Mute/Un-mute Features: allowing you to take control of every call
–          Recording Features: perfect for taking minutes or podcasts

Web Conferencing
Application: Sales Presentations, Online Training, Online Seminars, Software Demonstrations, Creative Design Work, Recording Meeting Minutes

Think web conferencing – think collaboration! Web conferencing is perfect for sharing documents, presenting online and getting everyone on the same page. It’s interactive, engaging and gives you the ability to train, educate and share from any location. Common features include…

–          Promotion Tools: allowing you to co-present and get everyone involved
–          Desktop Sharing: share websites, software applications and documents live
–          Play Multimedia Files: Stream videos directly from YouTube or upload your own audio files!

Application: Online Education, Professional Development, Presentations, Product Launches, Webinars(web seminars)

These are predominantly one way communication events and are on a much larger scale than web conferences. They are great for live presentations and serve as excellent on-demand content. Common features include…

–          Polling: ask for, receive and share live feedback with advanced polling features
–          Present with ease with access to your very own presentation folder
–          Interact and engage with live Q&A Chat features

Application: Conferences and Exhibitions, Annual General Meetings, Large Scale Events

When it comes to communicating to a geographically dispersed audience, webcasting is fast becoming the inexpensive and innovative way to effectively broadcast your message. Essentially you are broadcasting a live event to an unlimited audience. Keynote sessions, panel discussions and announcements are common. Features include…

–          High definition videographers
–          Full project management
–          Social Media integration
–          Access to live reporting

There you have it… a breakdown of some common conferencing applications and how they can be used.

Do you have any to add to the list?

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