• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

Check your CTR’s, EOR’s and huh? New Managed Webinar Feature!

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Who doesn’t love an acronym every now and then?

Exciting news for Managed Webinar Customers – you will now be provided with post event reports capturing open rates and engagement levels for all invitation and reminder emails sent by Redback!

These reports will allow you to see how many people are opening your event invitations, measure the success of your subject lines and content and conversion rates – from open to register!

Here’s what you will now receive after each event and what it will allow you to measure:

Email Reporting Snapshot:

  • Email Open Rates (EOR) – is your subject line really working?
  • Hard and soft bounces – is it time you updated your database?
  • Unique clicks and opens – who is clicking on what?
  • Click to open ratio – are people just opening your email or are they engaged?

Email Engagement & Activity

  • Glanced or Unread Percentage
  • Skimmed Percentage
  • Read Percentage
  • Print Count
  • Forward Count

Click-Through Rate Report

  • Which links were the most popular?
  • Do images really work?
  • What was the conversion rate from open to register?

View example report

Not sure what this means? Want to know more about Managed Webinars? Feel free to contact us at marketing@redbackconferencing.com.au

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