Training and education are essential in the highly systemised franchise industry. Desired results and performance are directly linked to the training provided to franchisees. Franchisors need to provide training both in the initial start-up period as well as on an ongoing basis. For a franchisor to remain competitive in the long term, franchisees must be informed on best practices, industry trends, product updates, location openings, licensing information, operating procedures, and strategic information. Beyond competitiveness, for a franchisor to remain compliant and in business, franchisees must be cognisant of legal issues and be tracked on their knowledge. Learn about Redback’s Participant Engagement Reporting here.

Online training is an essential tool for both partners in a franchise relationship, both franchisor and franchisee. Read here for a quick guide on how to implement online training.

Convenience, cost-savings, and consistency are key benefits to implementing an online training program. Franchisors can disseminate information while reducing costs and maintaining consistency easily. Franchisees are typically so busy with the day-to-day activities that attending in-person training, updates, and debriefs are a strain on time and money. With device-agnostic online training, franchisees can access information at a time convenient for them. There is no excuse for not keeping abreast of issues when information can be accessed so readily.

Hosting webinars online allows franchisors to cut costs and receive long-term dividends. Their training content can be accessed again in the future as it is needed. Find out how you can take your CPD programs online here.

Not convinced on taking on webinars? Read below for the…

7 Benefits of Online Training Webinars:

  • Extending the reach of franchisors to their franchisees in dispersed locations
  • Reducing the costs involved with traditional online training, such as event hire, catering, transportation, and accommodation costs
  • Simple platform where franchisors can upload content easily and on-the-go if they need to communicate a message
  • Providing training that can be accessed at the user’s convenience and from any location and device
  • Ensuring consistency in messaging that might be otherwise altered when delivered by personnel live
  • Instantaneous updates so that franchisees have the latest training information and updates
  • Ability for participants and hosts to track participation/engagement through Engagement Reporting to see who is being compliant

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These days, interactive and engaging online meetings and events are not just desired – they’re essential. However, with so many features available and a sometimes blurred line between webinars and web conferences, how are you supposed to know what works best?

In this guide we walk you through the main features within the Redback Platform and provide you with advice on how to best use them and the differences within your web conferences and webinars.

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The web conferencing platform is perfect for conducting online training – whether it’s up-skilling your current workforce, hosting remote inductions or educating at a distance.

In saying this, how many times have you joined a web conference and suddenly become overwhelmed by all that is going on? There are SO many features available to you – some allow you to talk, others give you the ability to survey, launch webcams, go through slides, text chat, use white boards – the list just goes on and on.

Here’s the good news – amongst all these shiny features there are some golden gems, some features that have the potential to take your online training sessions to the next level. Here are our top recommendations and our tips on how to use them best!

Visually Present and Engage…

PowerPoint Presentations are used mainly for online sessions. They are the perfect way to engage and convey critical information if they are used properly.

Tips for creating Online PPT Presentations:

  • Keep slides basic and try to be consistent with your branding
  • Large fonts work well, especially in bullet point format
  • Use images to illustrate a point but always consider those reading your slides once your event is over – you still want people to be able to retain information
  • Pay attention to your opening and closing slides – what do you want people to look at before you go live? What call to actions do you want to end with?
  • Never embed audio or visual files – these won’t upload to the platform. You can however use other features to play these
  • Use animations and your notes sections – these will both upload into the platform

Ask for, receive and share…

Polling is becoming a much more common tool as it engages your virtual audience and it can be reported on. Be careful though – going poll crazy with no strategy can sometimes have a negative effect.

Tips for Online Polling:

  • Create polls ahead of time and save them to the platform – they will remain there until you delete them
  • Create a holding slide for when you plan to launch a poll. This will prompt you and/or your presenter and will give your audience an idea as to what they can expect
  • Always elaborate on the responses you receive – there is no point asking for feedback and then moving on without any acknowledgement
  • Consider using polls as a quiz option – if your attendees need to ‘pass’ or show some level of learning then this is perfect. And best of all, you can collect the results immediately after!

Entice conversation and collaboration…

The White Board feature gives you and your virtual audience the ability to collaborate instantly. This feature is ideal for small groups and everything you create can be saved!

Tips for white board collaboration:

  • You will need to ‘promote’ your attendees to use this feature. It is recommended that you have a facilitator on hand to do this while you focus on delivering content – no one likes long pauses
  • Let your audience know what is expected of them. If you plan to launch a white board then send a brief ‘how to’ document in the reminder email. It’s also a good idea to include tips on your opening slide
  • Have some rules. We don’t like being the fun police but a virtual white board with no monitoring can get kinda messy. Designate certain colours to individuals and ask groups to annotate one at a time

For more inspiration take a look at our white paper Online Training – 10 steps to make it work.

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There you have it, out top 3 features for online training. Do you have any others that work a treat? If so, let us know in the chat box below.

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We all know how valuable your online presenters are; they have the ability to take your event from good to great or from good to worse.

However, it can sometimes be tricky to communicate your wants and requirements to these wonderful hosts without coming across as ‘that person’ who needs to control everything and in turn, steps on peoples toes.

So what’s the solution?

The Presenter Handbook, that’s what!

This guide has been designed with both the novice and experienced presenter in mind. The idea is for you, as an amazing webinar organiser, to be able to send this handbook to your presenters which will communicate the following:

  • The Requirements: Let them know what is expected of them in advance. Will they need to download any software? How will they be heard during the event? Answers to questions like this will be sure to put their mind at ease
  • The Platform: What will it actually look like and what features will they have access to? Preparing them for this will play a huge role in increasing engagement levels throughout their presentation.
  • The Presentation: What does a great online presentation look like? This handbook will provide you with tips and tricks on creating slides for maximum impact
  • The Additional Features: Videos, polling and other interactive tools – what are they and how should they be used?
  • The FAQ’s: It’s nice to hear from other’s experiences. This section will definitely come in handy for those first timers!

A copy of The Presenter Handbook can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

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And remember, you can contact us any time for additional resources or training for your rock star presenters! Enjoy…

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