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Email marketing is a very common tool for organisations both large and small for one reason – it works! When executed effectively with an e-marketing timeline, it can be powerful in capturing the attention of your audience especially when you want them to register for your next live event. It’s also an inexpensive and easy way to expand your contact database for future webinars and webcasts.

Preparing and promoting your webinar or webcast shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially if it’s completely new territory. Creating a well thought out e-marketing plan is critical and can make all the difference between success and failure.

That’s why we have created an E-Marketing Timeline Template! It will help you map out your strategy for each event campaign that you create. Essentially, this will allow you to understand the exact customer touch points allowing you to execute your strategy effectively – and hopefully add to the success of your next digital event!

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Only 1 in 10 event organisers feel their lead generation tactics are effective*.  So, what’s the missing link?

Webinars and Webcasts for Lead Generation of course! Think of it as selling, without really selling. This engagement medium is perfect to capture as much behavioural data before, during and after your event.

After some time you’ll notice an increase in conversion rates and a much more engaged audience. We believe in it so much we do it ourselves! Here’s our top 3 tips on how to make money with lead generation…

Tip #1 – The Buyers Journey

Always base what you do on the behaviour of your customer. Try to ‘woo’ your audience without having the need to propose on the first date. Keep them engaged and interested by creating a plan like the one in this guide.

Tip #2 – Create Thought Provoking Content

It’s good practice to create inspirational visuals/infographics that will relay your message clearly and concisely –making your content that much easier to comprehend. Keep your customers in mind especially at each sales stage and ensure that your lead generation strategy is streamlined and has your end goal in mind – to sustain, nurture and convert!

Tip #3 – Know the Nurture

Nurturing is designed to influence the buying process of your leads and ultimately help them in deciding to sign up!Sales and Marketing automation platforms (e.g. Marketo and Hubspot) allow you to build engagement campaigns that categorise your database and market to them via an email program in a well thought out, systematic way. These tools can help you communicate to your attendees before, during and after your event.

There you have it! Our top 3 tips on Making Money with Lead Generation. To find out more on other ways to make money from your Digital Events download The Ultimate Guide.

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Money, money, money! Are you ready to make some?

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*Source – Hubspot, 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips 

At Redback, our customer’s success is our success and nothing brings us more joy than seeing an organisation we have worked with for years being acknowledged for their hard work. That is why we are so happy to share that last month, one of our long standing customers – the Health Education Training Institute (HETI) were named as a finalist for the Best Use of Technology Award at the AITD Excellence Awards Night.

We sat down with HETI’s Senior Program Officer Maureen Winn to find out more.

How have webinars helped you in making such a successful program?

The biggest challenge for us was delivering content across an extraordinarily large area comprised of metropolitan, rural and remote areas in NSW. Webinars allowed us to reach a much wider community while making the best use of our resources. We are also massive advocates of blended learning and it was great that we could put it into active use.

I also really enjoyed using the online registration process as a way of finding out what our members wanted to learn. This took the guess work out of content creation and allowed us to create a sort of ‘feedforward’ approach, which was then passed on to our nursing and midwifery educators. Through this, our members owned what they wanted to learn and we simply became the facilitators of that information.

How difficult was it to use the webinar technology?

Not difficult at all! The technical side of running webinars was handled by the Redback Events Team which meant that our Nursing and Midwifery Team could focus all of their attention on content creation and scaffolding the learning approach. This made everything really simple and ensured that our programs always ran without a hitch.

What do you think is the secret to creating such great and interactive online events?

I would say that the secret to our success definitely lies within the support we have received from the District Directors of Nursing and Midwifery and all the Local Health Districts who have contributed to our programs on every level. It really is a combined effort of many organisations within our sector and without them the flow of information to our educators would not be possible.


Amanda Culver and Maureen Winn from HETI

A big thank you to our partner AITD for organising the Awards and congratulations once again to HETI for being nominated in an incredibly important category. We look forward to seeing what your programs will achieve in the future!

Click here to see full list  of award recipients and nominees.

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