We all know how valuable your online presenters are; they have the ability to take your event from good to great or from good to worse.

However, it can sometimes be tricky to communicate your wants and requirements to these wonderful hosts without coming across as ‘that person’ who needs to control everything and in turn, steps on peoples toes.

So what’s the solution?

The Presenter Handbook, that’s what!

This guide has been designed with both the novice and experienced presenter in mind. The idea is for you, as an amazing webinar organiser, to be able to send this handbook to your presenters which will communicate the following:

  • The Requirements: Let them know what is expected of them in advance. Will they need to download any software? How will they be heard during the event? Answers to questions like this will be sure to put their mind at ease
  • The Platform: What will it actually look like and what features will they have access to? Preparing them for this will play a huge role in increasing engagement levels throughout their presentation.
  • The Presentation: What does a great online presentation look like? This handbook will provide you with tips and tricks on creating slides for maximum impact
  • The Additional Features: Videos, polling and other interactive tools – what are they and how should they be used?
  • The FAQ’s: It’s nice to hear from other’s experiences. This section will definitely come in handy for those first timers!

A copy of The Presenter Handbook can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Download now

And remember, you can contact us any time for additional resources or training for your rock star presenters! Enjoy…

Until next time,