Webinars – we’ve now got the hang of them, we’re starting to see results and our programs are planned and ready to go.

However, there’s always that one word in the back our minds – engagement!

– Create engaging webinars they say,
– Make sure you’re engaging your online audiences
– Tools, Features, interaction – it all equals engagement!

But what does engaging even mean? And how are we supposed to measure it?

At Redback, we’ve created Live Participant Engagement Scoring. An automatic scoring system that allows you to measure the behaviour of your online participants and in turn, refine your webinar programs and improve your Return On Investment.

Here’s how the technology works….

Currently, at the end of your webinars you receive your attendee list, polling and survey results and chat transcripts. There’s some great data in there, but we know that many of you don’t know what to do with it.

Now, you’ll receive all of this, along with an engagement scoring report for each individual who has participated in your webinar.


How did we do this?

It’s a simple formula – Interaction plus behaviour (and some feedback) equals engagement.

We score your attendees based on two main areas – Quantitative and Qualitative Score.

The quantitative score looks at the behaviour of your attendees – this includes their duration in your event, whether they participated in polls or completed an in-room survey.

The qualitative data is based on one simple question that you can ask either in a poll or in room survey. HOW ENGAGING DID YOU FIND THIS WEBINAR, include the 5 possible responses, and we’ll then either add or deduct points from your attendees total score.

Watch this video for more information!

So now you’ve got a number to work with, what does that mean?

Measuring your participant engagement scores across your webinar programs is a great way to fine tune what you’re doing.

– Discover which content works best
– Uncover your most engaging presenters
– Better qualify leads for your sales teams
– Refine your CPD Programs

The best news? These reports are completely retroactive, meaning the formula will apply  to all your previous webinars.  Take a look in your Account Management Portal and see how it all works!

Live Participant Engagement Scoring was made with you in mind. Because there’s no point putting in all the hard work if you can’t measure your results.

Want to learn how to access your reports and understand what they all mean?

Instructional Guide Inspirational Guide

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The Redback Team

Seriously? The very thought conjures thoughts of AMS platforms, conference venue reviews and in depth profiles of association sector consultants.  Thankfully, at Six Degrees of Association we’ve set the bar a little higher.

Redback Conferencing’s Sara Gonzalez hosts co-creators and regular panellists Andrew McCallum and Robert Barnes for the 22min snapshot of life in the association world.

“The show is 2 parts provocative, 3 parts informative and one-part humour,” says co-creator Andrew McCallum – a strategic business manager from fitness industry association Fitness Australia.

“It is important to us for viewers to see we are having fun as that helps engage the audience with the content.”

The format is influenced by such TV programs as The Gruen Transfer and  ESPN’s Mike and Mike – two shows co-creators McCallum and Aptify’s Robert Barnes both enjoyed when they concocted the #6DA experiment.

Starting with ‘Thumbs-up, Thumbs-down’ the show the always has a feature story promoted as ‘The Lunchtime Special’ – an ode to the 12:22pm timeslot and the panel’s penchant for Chinese food.

“Then Andrew surprises us each episode with the tale of one of the world’s most obscure associations,” says host Sara Gonzalez.

Our learned panellists dissect the big issues, celebrate the positive stories, address the negatives and prove the notion that there really is an association for everything.  Across the existing episodes we’ve highlighted association bodies as diverse as the American Heart Association, Optometry Australia and Financial Planners Association. We’ve pondered such questions as is outsourcing good for associations? Is strategic planning a waste of time? And should associations aspire to sack their members?

The associations’ sector is huge; it’s complex and just as importantly it’s endlessly fascinating.  That’s why our panellists are committed to making sense of it, as they break down our sector and throw it back out there across a rapid twenty-two-minute format for your entertainment.

Even better it’s on demand… The #6DA website boasts an impressive back catalogue of episodes, each of which seeks to shine a light on the forever fascinating associations sector.

So join your hosts Sara, Rob and Andrew at sixdegreesofassociation.com and participate in the conversation at Six Degrees of Association’s online community

The Redback Team

Webinars and webcasts – the benefits have been proven and we’ve all heard the success stories, but where do we even begin?

In this seven part online series we’ll uncover it all. From trends to planning, from features to presenters – this series will provide you with the necessary steps needed to organise and deliver seamless online events as well as tips and best practices on how to best get the most from what you put in!

In this 7-part video series we uncover:

✚ The difference between a webinar and webcast & Key Trends
✚ Planning: Before Your Event
✚ Planning: During Your Event
✚ Planning: After Your Event
✚ Marketing Your Event
✚ Presenter Tips
✚ Measuring Your Return On Investment

Click here to watch the videos!

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The 2017 Redback Report is here! Find out what makes your online audiences tick and use this research to enhance your webinars and webcasts!

What did we uncover?

The importance of increasing interactivity and keeping viewers engaged is still front of mind for many and the need for on-demand access and powerful and passionate presenters is evident.

However, delivering on what you say you’re going to, clear and uninterrupted audio quality and knowledgeable presenters seem to have topped the list when it comes to importance in this year’s report.

Why should I download this?

The aim of this research is to assist you when it comes to planning, marketing , hosting and reporting on your webinars and webcasts.

Here’s some of what the research uncovered:

  • The best time of day and time of week to hold an online event
  • Memorable experiences – what gets people talking about your event?
  • Preference – should you use webcams? Should you focus on heavy duty slides?
  • How much are attendees willing to pay for your online events?
  • What’s more important… Audio vs. Content, Passion vs. Knowledge?

And so much more!

Download your complimentary copy of the report!

Download the report

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey and congratulation to the lucky winners of the webcams!

Until next time,