Social Responsibility

Giving back is part of who we are.

Social Responsibility

Giving back is part of who we are

From the very beginning, we have always been cognisant of the role we play in society and how we can help Australian organisations in any way possible.

Go green and go digital! Our collaboration and online event services provide a green alternative to travel and allow organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and cut down on their emissions. We’re also an avid user of our own products, allowing some of our workforce to telecommute, and thereby reducing their environmental impact caused by commuting!

We also encourage our employees to play their role and offer them two days off per year where they can volunteer their time to a charity of their choice.

We’re also believers in going digital to be more carbon-friendly. All our communications are electronic and we provide monthly invoices and usage reports through our Account Management Portal. 

We’re dedicated to reducing emissions, pollutants, and waste. Take a walk through our offices and you will even notice our living wall of green plants installed to absorb airborne pollutants! 

The Redback Charity Spotlight Program

We’re dedicated to the Australian and New Zealand Charity Sector and acknowledge the value and contribution that they make in everyday lives. All registered charity customers receive a 10% discount on all Redback services and have the opportunity create awareness and market their campaigns to our highly engaged community via our educational webinar series.

The Redback Charity Spotlight is a quarterly initiative which allows us to create exposure and awareness for four of our charity customers. Anyone who attends an online event hosted by Redback or downloads content within this period is automatically redirected to a page where they can vote for the charity closest to their heart.

At the end of each quarter, we tally up the votes and make the following donations on your behalf:

1st Place | $500

2nd Place | $350

3rd Place | $150

4th Place | $100

Vote for this quarter’s charities!

How to get involved…

Are you a Redback Not-for-profit (NFP) Customer? Are you looking to raise more awareness and funds? To become involved, simply submit your details and we will be in touch to discuss the selection process and provide you with more information.

We’ve helped hundreds of Australian charities.
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13,301 people have cast their votes!


$16k worth of donations have been received


168 social media posts have been published


56 different charities