• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    29th April 2016

The 2016 Redback Report is Here!

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The 2016 Redback Report results are in! Now in its fourth consecutive year, The Report =is a visual summary of virtual experiences, it shines a spotlight on webinars and webcasts, and gives us a deeper understanding of how Australians are using online collaboration tools.

This year we had an overwhelming number of responses and 4 years of data to compare – now’s your chance to take a look at the results and gain some advice for your online event programs.

Download your copy of the report!

So how can this report help you? The feedback is crucial for providing insight into:

Accessibility: Why, when and how people join online meetings and events
Opinions: What are the advantages of online conferencing technologies and what makes webinars memorable?
The Big Questions: When’s the best time of the day to host an online event, are webcams necessary and how much will people actually pay to attend your event?
How important: What should you be focusing on when organising online meetings and events?

Click here  to download your copy of the report!

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The Redback Team

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