• Vesna Ilic

    15th July 2016

A Day in the Life of – What Happened When Our CEO Spent a Day in Customer Support

Peek behind the curtains

Here at Redback, every department is responsible for delivering an exceptional customer experience – from our front line support staff right up to our CEO. This is why we have started a new initiative called ‘A Day in the Life of’ where team members get to shadow a colleague in a different department for a day.

The purpose of this, apart from hanging out with someone pretty cool for the day, is for us all to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s unique roles in order to deliver a higher quality service and more seamless experience for our customers.

To kick things off, our CEO Jeff Downs, volunteered to spend a day shadowing the Customer Support team. Here’s how it went:

“Sitting in customer support, I really enjoyed interacting with customers on a real time basis. It allowed me to see firsthand the variety of reasons why people reach out to us. I had lots of fun helping people out, as this made me feel like I was making a difference.”

Jeff also commented on how committed the team was to exceeding our delivery SLA’s, and was impressed at the fact that every single phone call got answered within four rings and no email sat longer than five minutes before being replied to.

“My first response was that each person on the team worked really well together, and the second impression was on how much they cared to provide a good outcome for the customer.  I came away with a new found respect for everyone on the front lines.”

Jeff is now committed to reporting for Customer Service duty once a quarter and has encouraged all employees to spend a day in the life of a Redback Support person – “This is truly where the rubber hits the road.  It is the life blood of what we do at Redback and everyone should join in on it.”

To find out more about this great initiative please go to:

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