• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    26th October 2016

‘A Day in the Life of’ Quarter Wrap-Up

Peek behind the curtain

A Day in the Life of…

Our ‘A Day in the Life of’ initiative has been going for a few months and it has been a massive success! The initiative promotes company culture by encouraging team members to shadow a colleague in a different department for a day, in order to gain a better understanding and appreciation of each other’s unique roles. Here is the wrap up so far:


Chris, BDM | Shadowed: Chona, Online Event Manager

How did it go Chris? It went really well! I really appreciate the events team bringing me into their world and can definitely say that I have the utmost respect for what they do. I was impressed at how much hard work went into collecting and collating critical information in order to deliver a “WOW” experience for each client and every webinar. While our experience was short and sweet, I can’t wait to reciprocate and share a glimpse of life in sales with Chona!

What did you take away from the session? I realise now more than ever that providing customers with the “WOW” experience has to be carried throughout their interactions with the Sales, Events and Support Teams – it really is a combined effort. Each interaction e.g. confirming event details or the actual event, needs to give the customer the best experience possible as this will ensure their loyalty to us in the future.

And what did Chona say… ‘A Day in the Life of’ is what the business needs right now. I know that we are all in different teams, but to the customer we are Redback Conferencing = one team. To spend time with our colleagues only reaffirms this and I am so happy I could be a part of it!

rowan-circle-130 (1) Team-Circle-MichaelH

Rowan, BDM | Shadowed: Michael, Webcast Team Leader 

How did it go Rowan? It went really well! I really got a better understanding of the amount of work both on the front and back end of each job. It is certainly not a 9-5 type job as there are many elements involved which require a very specific skill set – one which Mickey Harris has mastered many times over.

What did you take away from the session? As a salesperson, I never realised how much of a huge positive impact the Webcasting Team has on our business. Mickey truly adds the WOW factor to any client which makes it easier for them to come back to me and continue to do business.

And what did Mickey say… Rowan is an enthusiastic chap to have around. He gave us a different set of eyes on-site which we usually don’t have. Seeing things from a customer/sales perspective was refreshing and gives us a greater insight into how we can better our delivery. He even stayed back 3 hours to export the footage whilst the rest of the team were delivering webcasts – if he ever gets bored of sales there’s a spot waiting for him on the Webcast Team!

Team-Circle-Todd Team-Circle-MichaelB

Todd, Systems Administrator | Shadowed: Michael, Sales Manager – Digital Events

How did you go Todd? ‘A Day in the Life of’ was a great experience for me. It was exciting to see the inner workings of this side of the sales cycle and was eye opening to get a glimpse of the contributions that Michael brings to the Sales Team. It was also great to get out of the office for a client meeting, even if the client in question referred to me as ‘the work experience kid’!

What did you take away from this session? I was able to appreciate the extra mile that Redback Conferencing goes when providing managed event services. By providing customers with quality advice and consultation based on best-practice formed over the last decade, we are able to significantly differentiate ourselves from our competitors and provide true value for the client. Well done Michael!

And what did Michael say…It was really fun having Todd for the day! It definitely gave me a fresh perspective on my role and made me realise that there are things I could be doing more efficiently. Todd is a bag of laughs and I am so grateful that Redback runs this initiative – I would highly recommend that everyone gets involved!


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