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  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

5 Ways to Kill Webinar Mojo!

The biggest webinar faux-pas

Ever attended a webinar and found yourself searching for the EXIT sign within 60 seconds? It’s ok to admit it, we’ve all been there!

Here’s the thing – most online attendees will make the decision to ‘stay or go’ within the first 5 minutes of your webinar. Long self-promoting introductions (yawn), blatant selling (welcome to cringe town) and a lack of interactive tools are just some of the common ways to kill Webinar Mojo.

Want to prevent this from happening? Here are Gavin’s 5 Webinar No No’s!


NO NO #1: Avoid Loooonnnngggg Introductions

“Hi my name is (10 minutes later) and now let’s go through today’s agenda. Really? There’s a good chance that your attendees are familiar with your webinar presenter – their headshot, bio and accolades are no doubt embedded within your email invitations and registration pages and let’s be honest, people are giving up an hour of their time (in most cases) to join your event and LEARN!

We recommend a brief introduction at no longer than 30 seconds and, if you do include a housekeeping/instruction section make sure you edit it from your on-demand recording!


NO NO #2: Never ignore your audience

There’s a lot to take care of within a webinar – the presentation, your presenters fear of presenting, comments, questions, technical questions – it never seems to end! Despite this, it’s important to remember that you only get one shot to make a first impression and ignoring your online audience definitely won’t serve you well.

We recommend using a professional facilitator to work between your presenter and your audience. Have them respond to anything that comes through the chat box and let your presenter focus on presenting – win win!


NO NO #3: Webcams? Are they really necessary?

Being on camera can be a daunting experience for many, not only that, in a webinar environment presenters are required to look at themselves as they present – awkward! If your presenters are not trained or comfortable with using webcams don’t use them. And if they are, ensure they wear appropriate clothing and make constant eye contact.

Still not sure? Consider using webcams for the introduction and then switching them off for the remainder of the presentation.


NO NO #4: There’s more to life than PowerPoint

Most webinars guarantee one thing – a PowerPoint Presentation. Now, while these can be incredibly effective, it’s important that your presenters are aware of the other interactive tools available to them and advised on PowerPoint Best Practices.

Slides filled with text, lack of animations and talking directly to slides are just some of the ways to alienate your webinar audience.


NO NO #5: Don’t Sell…

Sounds easy enough, right? Despite this being a huge pet hate for online attendees many presenters use webinars as the perfect opportunity to talk about how their product or service will ‘change your life’ at regular intervals. Webinars should be informative, educational and if possible, inspiring. In saying this, everyone deserves a plug here and there – our advice is to leave it until the end and keep it snappy!

Hopefully this has given you some helpful hints for your next webinar – the last thing we want to do is kill the mojo!

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