• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    5th January 2016

41% say the best time to hold a webinar is mid-morning – do you agree?

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When I think of the mid-morning time slot a few things run through my head…

  • Do I really need that second coffee?
  • Surely its lunch time, I’m starving!
  • I would love to join a webinar right about now… hmm, not so much!

But it looks like I may have been proven wrong…

The Redback Report has found that those who regularly attend online events such as webinars and webcasts prefer them to be held mid-morning – that’s between 10:30am – 11:30am. But hold up… before we change our entire webinar programs let’s take a look at the reasons why.

“It works well with my schedule”

Respondents said that this time of the day is perfect as it allows them to grab a cup of coffee, filter through their inbox, setup their day and still be fresh enough to concentrate on a 45-60 minute presentation.


“I should be able to learn and develop during work hours”

Over the past few years the term Lunch n’ Learn has managed to sneak its way into our vocabulary… the concept is simple really, you take an hour out of your day, snack on a sandwich and learn a thing or two. While lunchtime is still considered a convenient time to join online meetings and events (22%), many feel that if they were to partake in professional development then their employers should acknowledge this and allow it to take place during work hours.


“I like sharing the knowledge with my colleagues!”

While many choose to hold webinars during the evening, only 8% of respondents said that they actuallyprefer to attend online events at this time. Many said that if they participate at home during the evenings then they don’t really have the opportunity to discuss anything with their colleagues immediately after and they could run the risk of being distracted by family, phone calls etc.

My advice? Remember that each industry and audience will have different opinions on their preferred times. Research and trial as much as you can before committing to a large webinar series and listen to the people!

Click here to download the full report!

Have you had any experience with the best time of day to hold events? If so, share your thoughts with us. Also, feel free to download the full report by clicking here.

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