The report’s purpose is not only to inform, educate and inspire our community but to really delve deep into their experiences especially when it comes to how they register, attend and participate in online events. We survey thousands of online audiences each year and ask those questions that we constantly ask ourselves when organising online meetings and events.

Some of our key findings this year include:

  • Preferred Presentation Style – 51% preferred a presenter speaking to a PPT with small webcams
  • Passionate and Engaging Presenters trump as always with 81% loving this presenter skill
  • Salesy Presenters are still hugely out of fashion with 28% saying this is why they leave an event early

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Each year we survey our community to gain insights on… The best time/day to webinar, creating engagement, why people join webinars, memorable presenters and much more.

    Around half of us only attend live events half of the time. Not a huge surprise here considering the trends in declining attendance rates. However, 29% of respondents claim they attend 100% of the time.
    In previous years, the Corporate Sector has always been the most willing when it comes to paying to attend Live Digital Events. This year, the For Purpose Sector seem to be opening their pockets much more with 44% saying they would pay between $25 – $50 to watch.
    We all know the difference an amazing presenter can make – but what makes them so great? We gave people ONE option and a whopping 88% said passion and engagement wins over technically savvy or free giveaways.

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